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HOW COME by Andrew Cooper

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In How Come Andrew Cooper takes us on a distorted, hallucinatory journey. Exploring the art world, capitalism and labour values with a cast of grotesque characters. Like Stan the Artist, a semi-autobiography combined and influenced by the outlandish stories and behaviour of Coopers own Uncle Stan. See Stan try to find his place in the art world but instead finding only a brutal monstrous market place. Join Nuggity Nugget and Nugget Nuggity, two lumps of pure gold so commodified that they wandered out of the mine all on their own. Finally find all the products you need with helpful adverts for cat food (made from human meat) and the brand new “commodity” (complete with angelic voice and a fully working orifice....eughhh).

Limited edition comic book by artist Andrew Cooper

Andrew Cooper uses sculpture, drawing, film and performance. His work revolves around a swelling cast of semi-autobiographical characters and myths that he used to explore and deconstruct social and political events and movements . In 2007 he initiated the Portman Gallery project, a contemporary art gallery which exists within a state secondary school in Bethnal Green. Cooper lives and works in London